Meet The Team

Michaela Benešová

Product Assistant

Michaela is part of the Product team and her responsibility is to inform teams regarding new features and upcoming products. She is also documenting issues and tasks for the developers.

“I chose Purple thanks to its unique culture. After more than a year and a half of living it, I can say I’m speechless! All of us can express our opinion and have the opportunity to grow."

René Greč

Global Operations Representative

René has joined the Purple Team in 2019. Since then he has been hard at work to understand everything he can about his team, the company and the customers.

He takes care of transactions, registration approvals and happily helps members of his team or other teams with various requests or situations that may arise.

Tomáš Cinciala

Digital Marketing Manager 

Tomáš joined the Purple Team marketing department in 2018 as a PPC specialist.

He has since grown into a Digital Marketing Manager and looks over the creation and implementation of the digital marketing strategy, customer journey optimization and process automation.

Kateřina Krausová

Accounting specialist

Kate is Purple Team's Accounting Specialist since 2016. She started her accounting career in 2013 but she's had a knack for it since a very early age when she would often help her mom out with Accounting.

She enjoys the order and systematic approach essential to Accounting. In her own words, "The feeling when everything 'checks out' in the end is just great!"

Michal Fulier

Head of Global Operations Team

Michal has been part of Global Operations Team since 2018. His previous experience in customer support played a huge role when dealing with individual cases on daily basis. Over the course of 4 years, he has been expanding his knowledge regarding processes and company infrastructure to ensure that Operations Team works at optimal capacity. He fully understands that going extra mile, when it comes to clients' concerns and wishes, is the key to a successful business.

Richard Hajdu

Head Of Global Support

Richard is a member of the Purple Team since 2016. His experience comes from the background in Customer service, Backoffice operations and Financial Law.

While playing to his strengths, Richard is also a well-rounded person and you can often find him helping all around the Company.


Marek Bočánek


Marek joined the Purple team in 2018, having a background in legal and economics and a prior experience in financial markets and banking.

Passionate about finance, payment and legal, Marek is a big supporter of education and Purple's internal employee culture.

Viliam Fiedler


Member of the Purple Team since 2015, Viliam's experience comes from the background in customer service, project management and operations. 

A big supporter of technologies, Viliam is always on the lookout for the next thing that may push your business forward.

Naďa Šumberová

Head Of Internal Processes

Nada’s experience is focused in customer care, back-office management and compliance, with over 10 years spent in these areas.

Thanks to the knowledge gained and her attention to detail, Nada helps extensively in the areas of customer onboarding, compliance, risk management and internal systems and procedures.