Meet The Team

Lenka Šandová

Payments Business Development

Lenka joined Purple Team in 2017 and with her rich experiences from payments industry she fit the team almost immediately. Lenka helps our Payments team solve all kinds of problems with banks and other payments institutions.

She is a big fan of yoga and rock music.

Naďa Šumberová

Project Manager

Naďa gained most of her customer care and management experience working for online-based companies during her long-term stay in the UK.

She mainly focuses on Compliance & Risk Management and keeping our clients' data neat and tidy.

Kateřina Krausová


Kate started her accounting career in 2013 but she's had a knack for it since a very early age when she would often help her mom out with Accounting.

She enjoys the order and systematic approach essential to Accounting. In her own words, "The feeling when everything 'checks out' in the end is just great!".

Leoš Baroch

Risk & Compliance Specialist

Member of the Purple Team since 2019. With a background in legal counseling and compliance, his expertise constitutes primarily anti-money laundering regulation.

Leoš is a dreamer obsessed with securing safe and smooth working environment in our business. In private, he is a social justice warrior with a strong affinity for road cycling and Slovak mountains.

Michal Fulier

Senior Operations Specialist

Michal's previous experience as a Support Representative tought him that the requirement for maintaining a successful business is understanding customers' wishes and concerns.

As a member of the Back office team, Michal endorses these values and strives to find a customized solution to each case that comes up.

Richard Hajdu

Customer Service Specialist

Richard is a member of the Purple Team since 2016. His experience comes from the background in Customer service, Backoffice operations and Financial Law.

While playing to his strengths, Richard is also a well-rounded person and you can often find him helping all around the Company.


Jan Staněk

Jan is a member of the Purple Team since 2017. His experience comes from the world of management consulting (Deloitte) finance (Home Credit), technologies (DHL, and startups (Rockaway) since 2000.

Loving father of 3 and a promoter of electric cars.

Václav Kantor

With strong interest in talent sourcing and leadership development, Václav became a diligent Purple soul in 2011 when he started as a main person responsible for HR on a group level.

As one of the executive directors, he tries to deliver innovative and above-expected quality solutions for financial markets.

Viliam Fiedler

Member of the Purple Team since 2015, Viliam's experience comes from the background in customer service, project management and operations. 

As a big supporter of technologies, Viliam is always on the lookout for the next great thing that may push your business forward.