Our WebTech team designs, develops and manages broker services and applications. This way we facilitate interaction with our clients and reduce the work of a broker's employees. For instance, we develop a web and mobile version of the client zone for managing accounts, deposits and withdrawals.


  • Development of a new serverless backend (AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions).
  • Creating GraphQL API for specific applications.
  • Creating a new React app that will help our team manage user and requirements.
  • Developing applications for clients and building their mobile versions.
  • Developing websites written in React.

If you want to grow, you can expect at the beginning:

  • Writing Specific lambda functions to help automate our processes.
  • Creating forms using our own React tool.
  • Linking external systems.
  • We'll show you everything. You will learn to use modern technology through small tasks.
  • And if everything goes well, you will be able to move forward in a course of a year and work on bigger applications.


  • Javascript ES 6/7
  • NodeJS
  • React, React Native
  • GraphQL, REST API
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS Lambda
  • HTML5, CSS
  • + anything else if it works
  • We work agilely and use Trello and Github for development

What's important to us is your attitude, desire to move forward and learn new things. It does not matter if you are not skilled in everything mentioned above. You will become a part of our team, but at the same time, we will give you space to work independently. You can expect to get a separate assignment and it will be up to you to come up with the best possible solution.

Work load
Software Development
Common sense

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Diesel Mcmahon

Tel: +420 111 222 333
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